CPV4ALL project partners meet in Spain

Project members of the CPV4ALL project recently met for their 9th General Assembly meeting. The project progress and the planning for the next months for the CPV4ALL were discussed during the meeting.

The members met at the head offices of Andaltec and was attended by representatives from SunCycle, GL Plastics, TNO, Uniresearch, Neways and Radoud University (all from the Netherlands), CEA-INES (France) and Bühler Leybold Optics (Germany).

The aim of this meeting was revising the advances reached on this project, which is already in a highly advanced development stage. One of the main points in the agenda was the kickoff of the dissemination activities to be carried out in the following months. Rami Boutassghount, the main researcher for Andaltec in this project, explained that the consortium agreed to have the first prototypes ready before the summer break. He also conveyed his satisfaction towards the good results achieved so far.