The developed CPV4ALL concept, depicted below, has a number of advantages over ‘conventional’ CPV systems.

Figure: Layout of CPV4ALL module showing components, subassemblies and cabling

The advantages of the CPV4ALL concept over conventional CPV concepts are:
1. Tracking of the sun and concentrating the sunlight is done via a rotating Fresnel prism and a parabolic mirror, and thus no need for expensive foundations and tracker installations;
2. Compact module design. Fit for use of inexpensive materials and fit for mass manufacturing processes that are known from automotive and consumer electronics sectors;
3. Applicable in everyday working environment due to the smart way of tracking/concentrating sunlight and its compactness (roof integration);
4. Competitive with grid electricity prices.

The proposed technology is patented worldwide . Patents are granted in: Netherlands, Europe, South-Africa, Morocco and pending in: Europe, China, USA, Japan, Australia, Brazil, Indonesia, South-Korea, Canada, Mexico, United Emirates, India, Israel, Oman, Bahrain, Russia, Egypt, Algeria, Malaysia, Tunisia, New-Zealand and the Philippines.