Main results

The targeted outcomes of the project are:

  • Low cost, reliable and efficient processes for large scale production of CPV system components and assembly of CPV modules;
  • Low cost, reliable and efficient CPV systems that are suitable for a variety of applications (electricity production and combinations with heating, air conditioning and/or clean water production) in the following market segments: agriculture, real estate, houses/residences, remote areas/islands, infrastructure and power plants;
  • Low and attractive investments for end users due to efficient use and low cost materials and advanced system designs characterized by high aesthetic quality, low installation costs, low maintenance and easy replacement of modules;
  • Cost per kWh produced that are close to grid parity for Northern Europe and beyond grid parity for Southern Europe.

The expected impact of CPV4ALL is: higher reliability, increased system efficiency and lower costs of CPV products to supply the most promising market segments and to overcome the barriers delaying the massive introduction of such systems.

CPV4ALL will achieve the expected impact through low module and low Balance of System cost and market entry at selected business to business (B2B) market segments (e.g. agricultural, utility buildings, real estate) followed by diversification in applications (electricity production combined with hot water, heating, air conditioning, fresh water production) and other market segments. After proven track record in the B2B markets, CPV4ALL targets for the solar power plant market and the consumer market.