Multidisciplinary Approach

The CPV4ALL consortium is built around GL Plastics (NL) and SunCycle (NL).

SunCycle, a high-tech SME, has developed a very attractive concept for concentration photovoltaics together with Radboud University and TNO, top institutes in energy research and production technology, respectively. This technology has been patented worldwide.

GL Plastics BV (NL) has, besides the obvious experience in plastics, experience in producing solar modules which makes them more than capable of taking over the bulk of voestalpine’s production tasks.

Leybold Optics GmbH (DE) is specialized in high-throughput vacuum Physical Vapour Deposition technologies for e.g. coating of (car) light reflectors and glass.

Neways Slovakia PCBA (SK) is specialized in development and production of electronics for
automotive, semiconductor and telecommunication sector.

CEA-INES (FR) is a renowned and independent research institute specialized in solar and system performance evaluation and has a large experience on many different CPV technologies.

Andaltec (ANDAL) is a high-tech SME established as a non-profit-making private foundation, dedicated to plastics industry mainly in automotive and packaging sector, with customer in different countries as USA, China, Morocco, Poland,…

Uniresearch is a Dutch organization specialized in Grant consultancy and project management and has an extensive experience in coordinating and managing FP7 projects.

Together, the participants possess the critical mass of resources and industrial dimension to achieve the stated objectives and to contribute significantly to the expected impact: Higher reliability, increased system efficiency and lower costs of CPV products to supply the most promising market segments and to overcome the barriers delaying the massive introduction of such systems.