Who is this for?

CPV4ALL develops an innovative CPV concept to generate energy and manage your indoor climate.

Offices: achieve energy neutral buildings
Offices are more than just places to work. We expect that offices are inspiring and safe and healthy working environments. They can also play an important role in tackling climate change. The CPV concept can be used in offices environments to achieve all these goals and realize energy neutral buildings.

Rural environments: generate your own clean water
In rural environments getting clean water can be a challenge. The CPV concept enables you to generate your own clean water, no matter how far you are from existing infrastructure.

Residential environments: provide comfortable houses for tenants
The CPV concept is practical solution for housing solutions. It enables them to realize not only energy neutral houses but also comfort for their tenants.

Hotels: enable tourists to have a pleasant stay without harming the environment
Tourists who are conscious of their carbon footprint, are selective in where to stay when on holiday. The CPV concept is an efficient solution for hotels to become sustainable by generating your own energy from solar power. Even the CPV concept itself is a circular product which is largely built from recyclable plastics.

Agricultural: generate your energy on the spot
The CPV concept is a new way to generate your energy. You can generate your own energy on the spot. The CPV concept even has the highest efficiency per m2.

Are you an installer of heating and cooling solutions or PV? Please contact us for more information to equip yourself as an intermediary for this new concept