CPV4ALL aims for a breakthrough in the development of concentration PV systems based on the following key features:

  • A novel, efficient and low cost concept for CPV that is suitable for mass production combined with an advanced overall system designThe concept is based on a rotating prism and a rotating parabolic mirror for tracking and concentrating the sunlight onto a high-efficient multi-junction solar cell. This concept has been patented worldwide.




Figure: Operating principle (left) and simplified layout of the CPV Module (right). The homepage features an animation of the operating principle.

A complete system is composed of multiple modules connected in parallel.

Figure: Array of 20 modules in operation

The modules are fixed onto the surface. Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) is performed by each individual module. The prism and the parabolic mirror rotate around the same axes to follow the sun during the day. Systems can be Louvre top mounted or mounted on a flat roof or free standing. The overall dimensions of a module are comparable to an oversized headlight of a truck, i.e. diameter: 50 cm and height: 15 cm.

  • Reliable, low cost high precision components with low wear and reliable high throughput assembly. The components, (sub)assemblies and complete modules will be produced and assembled in integrated, fully automated, high-yield, high-throughput manufacturing processes similar to production and assembly lines known from automotive manufacturing.

The identified production technologies are similar to those used for high volume production in automotive and consumer electronics. Fresnel prism, mirror, housings and many other components will be made from plastic moulded parts. Plastic moulding technologies are well suited for high volume mass production. The coating of the parabolic substrate with a reflective material will be done with Physical Vapor Deposition technologies (PVD). Applicable manufacturing technologies for the CPV module’s and system’s electronics are known from consumer electronics and LED industries.