ANDALTEC is a private non-profit entity with research capacities recognized as National Plastic Technological Centre (Spain). Its main objective aims at improving competitiveness of companies mainly of plastics and processed metals sectors and strengthening the economy through research, technological development and innovation.

Andaltec is a technological center constituted of around 150 employees among PhDs, engineers, chemists and technicians, with wide expertise in material science, processes and products development as well as physicochemical and mechanical characterizations. The center works in close collaboration with the industries, especially those belonging to the automotive and food packaging sectors, and offers technological services and support in R&D projects (ideas, proposals writing, and execution).

Andaltec has a large experience in the plastic sector with many different application areas such as lighting, transport and packaging. The main capabilities focus on the development of part design, simulation studies either product or process, prototype scale-up by means of extrusion, injection, thermoforming, compounding, as well as additive manufacturing technologies. Finishing of parts such as metallization, surface coatings with inks, paintings, varnishes, adhesives and so on, as well as characterization and validation, are also performed.


Country: Spain