RADBOUD University

The Solar Cell Research Group of the Applied Materials Department at Radboud University has more than 25 years experience in the development and analyses of high-efficiency type III-V solar cells for concentrator and space applications.

The excellence of the group is evidenced by the development of solar cells with internationally acknowledged world record efficiencies [2] and the fact that “Radboud Certified” reference cells (as distributed via spin-off company ReRa Systems) are used by research groups and solar cell manufacturers world-wide.

Main tasks in the project

Measure the wavelength dependent optical performance of the various optical components of the CPV4ALL module. Provide full scale testing of the commercially available solar cells considered to be integrated in the system and advice on the best option for the cell and integration technology. Verifying real world measurements and computer simulation of the module.

Website: www.ru.nl

Country: the Netherlands