TNO is an independent  contract research organization. By translating scientific knowledge into practical applications, TNO contributes to the innovation capacity of businesses and government. TNO has extensive expertise in developing processes and equipment for PV industry. TNO is one of the initiators of Solliance, a partnership of R&D organisations and industries working in photovoltaic solar energy in the Eindhoven-Leuven-Aachen area. TNO is also recognised for its expertise on adoption of renewable technologies by consumers and businesses.

Main tasks in the project
Involved in the project is the Thin Film Technology group of TNO which focuses on development of and manufacturing processes for solar cells and modules.
Moreover, the Human behaviour & Organisational Innovations group of TNO is involved, which focuses on enhancing societal changes through new technologies with a focus on behavioural insights and intervention strategies, e.g. how social media can influence and support the adoption of new technologies.


Country: The Netherlands